This history of the Battle of Culloden was first published in 1867 by Peter Anderson. It was revised by his son 55 years later. All I have done is to convert it into HTML format, so I cannot take any credit apart from finding the book in a second hand book shop. Apart from correcting a couple of obvious typos, I have deliberately not updated the slightly old fashioned style of writing.

Rick Edmondson

Bonnie Prince Charlie at Glenfinnan

ABOVE A painting in the possession of the Edmondson family showing Bonnie Prince Charlie newly landed at Glenfinnan. Family tradition maintains that the painting was commissioned before the defeat at Culloden but delivered afterwards. Consequently (tradition continues) it was left unframed and it was many years before it was hung on display, and remains unframed to this day.

His staff is said to rest on the Papal Proclamation legitimising his arrival in Scotland. His battle standard, a plain white flag, is being raised in the background. There is a breastplate and shield in the bottom left hand corner.